About Ara

If you like rock music, Young Adult fiction, graveyards, dragons, toilet paper, weed, angels, dead horses, Bob Dylan, cookies, dogs, flame-throwers, strange facial hair, unicorns, chai lattes, and “Fake Plastic Trees,” you will like the writing of Ara Trask. Mostly. Some don’t actually have strange facial hair in them, for instance. You can’t win them all.

Ara was born and raised in Illinois and graduated with a BA in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago. It was after graduation she found her Doberman pinscher, a love for Nirvana, and her first foray into the publishing world. Currently, she has been delving into YA contemporary after a long spell stuck in 1993. She also likes to write horror and fantasy, so don’t be surprised to find a few dead bodies lying around.

Ara can be reached at AraTrask@gmail.com